Google Photos Pumpkin Patch

To highlight how Google Photos makes it easy to search for and relive memories,
we recreated the setting of a much-cherished fall memory: the pumpkin patch. And
to make sure people noticed, we did it in Times Square. Starting from the idea that
"Google Photos helps you find the perfect pumpkin," I created messaging that
would get people excited while ensuring the Google Photos value prop would shine
through. This included generating buzz through OOH and digital, and creating both
owned and influencer social content. I also helped craft a seamless journey at the
event itself, generating signage, collateral, brand ambassador scripts and more
OOH. And I got the rest of the photo-loving world join in the fun by helping
create Periscope, Snapchat, and other social content.

Hangtags on pumpkins informed visitors that finding the perfect pumpkin is easy with a simple "pumpkin" search on Google Photos.

And if they didn't get the hangtag message, hopefully they would see this.

Visitors could take a seasonal selfie in our Fall Photobooth...

We created "Searchable Moments" around the event, encouraging visitors to snap pics, then search for them on Google Photos using suggested keywords.

...and see it pop up on a Times Square billboard with a search term they could use to find it later in Google Photos.

These guys got engaged! I don't think they understood the CTA. But they will always be able to find their engagement photo by searching "pumpkin."