Benefit Brow Translator

Benefit Cosmetics wanted to re-establish their position as the global
authority on brows (and, of course, brow makeup). To help them do this,
we took their playful, cheeky brand into new territory: behavioral
neuroscience. We partnered with Dr. Javid Sadr, author of a scientific study
showing that the eyebrows may be the most expressive part of the face,
and developed a technology enabling brow-curious folks to see what their
eyebrows reveal about their true feelings.  

You can read more about this project in an interview I participated in
with Women's Wear Daily.

The Benefit Brow Translator exists as both a web and augmented reality
experience, each of which use facial recognition technology and machine
learning to "read" selfie, detect the mood being conveyed by the eyebrows,
and translate that mood into what we call "Benebabe". The ultimate output
is a GIF for visitors to share on social with #BenefitBrows. We created
pre-populated post copy driving followers and friends back to the Brow
Translator website.


Brow Translator Augmented Reality Headset

The Benefit Brow Translator augmented reality headset was developed
using a Microsoft Hololens. We leveraged bleeding-edge technology to
create a 360-degree experience in which the wearer can translate the
brows of innocent bystanders in real time. I helped develop the UX and
copy for the headset (video coming soon). We shot a man-on-the-street
video (above) that was shared out on Benefit global social channels as
well as through press, and invited viewers to get their own brows
translated at

The two headsets that we developed are currently traveling the world,
where they are made available to beauty influencers at cosmetics
trade shows.